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The balloon

The story of the lighter than air. The idea of flying is a dream that has accompanied human beings since ancient times. This desire is already told in ancient Greece, through the myth of Icarus, who, intent on flying with wax wings, melted in the heat of the sun.

La mongolfiera

The hot air balloon is an aircraft that uses hot air, less dense than the surrounding air, to obtain an upward thrust necessary to lift off the ground according to Archimedes' principle for which every body immersed in a fluid undergoes a force directed from the bottom upwards. 'high of equal intensity of the weight-force of the displaced fluid.


It is possible to cancel the reservation up to 5 days in advance by sending an e-mail or by calling between 9 am and 6 pm from Monday to Sunday. In the event that the reservation is not canceled within the deadline or if you do not show up on the morning of take-off, the ticket will not be refunded. If the flight is canceled due to adverse weather conditions, other dates will be proposed which you can select on our calendar.


Fly over the timeless beauty of Italy with Torrenera Balloon: a unique and unforgettable experience that will leave you breathless.


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