Objects prohibited on board the balloon

It is not permitted to transport objects deemed dangerous to flight safety on the balloon, such as: firearms, scissors, penknives, knives, axes, Swiss Army knives or tools for agricultural, scientific, sporting, industrial and similar use, as well as realistic reproductions of firearms. The use of electronic cigarettes (E-Cigarettes), pipes and electronic cigars is prohibited on board. Lighters can only be brought on board on the person. ICAO classifies all substances and materials which, due to their nature, may pose a danger to air transport and prohibit their introduction in hand luggage.

These products are:

  •  Document holder equipped with alarm device
  •  Compressed gases (refrigerant, flammable, non-flammable and poisonous) such as butane, oxygen, liquid nitrogen, camping gas, as well as cylinders for self-contained breathing apparatus
  •  Corrosive agents, such as acids, alkalis, mercury and liquid cell batteries
  •  Explosives, non-hunting or sporting weapons and ammunition, tape caps, fireworks and rockets
  •  Flammable liquids and solids, such as lighters and lighter fuels, matches, paints, solvents
  •  Liquids, even if perfectly packaged (for example: oil, vinegar, wine, etc.) if they exceed the quantities established by EC regulation 185/2010
  •  Liquids if not perfectly packed (the packaging must prevent any spills from damaging other luggage)
  •  Other dangerous objects, such as magnetic, harmful, toxic materials, with an unpleasant or irritating smell, oxidizers, such as bleaching powder and peroxides
  •  Poisons and infectious substances, insecticides, herbicides and materials with pathogenic agents
  •  Radioactive substances
  •  Alarm devices and any lithium batteries installed for the relative power supply
  •  Diving torches with batteries inserted


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